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Corrugated Packaging

Custom corrugated packaging boxes are an excellent choice for product packaging since they are strong, secure, and eye-catching. We at Packaging Mines provide our customer’s complete service. You also have complete freedom to choose what you like.

Unsure which packaging suits your project the best? Have our experts help guide you!

Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes For Every Product


Several firms use custom corrugated packaging boxes as their primary packaging option. These boxes are a popular choice for product packaging for many popular businesses. Brands also want high-quality cardboard boxes that are both robust and protective for their products. 

These specially prepared custom packaging boxes with logos have sturdy sides and bottoms, making them ideal for transport. And if you need cardboard boxes prepared specifically for your items, Packaging Mines is your best option. 

Furthermore, these custom shipping boxes can readily alter in terms of thickness, shape, style, and size. These boxes with custom printing can be designed to look attractive and include special bonuses that will attract buyers.

The most common and important products packaging in the corrugated packaging industry are.

Cardboard Is A Strong Material For Packaging


Strong packaging helps keep things safe throughout shipping and storage. 

For a price that won't break the bank, our custom packaging is best for small businesses that are both sturdy and protective. 

The outer layer of cardstock and paper stock flutes gives it strength. In addition, you may tailor their durability to the specific requirements of your product's transport. Yet, the maximum width for an effective cardboard box is 14 points. The wholesale custom cardboard boxes protect contents from weather and other environmental risks. Custom corrugated shipping boxes of varying sizes and shapes may also prepare to suit a variety of products. 

Food, cosmetics, electronics, and retail are just a few of the industries represented here. The cardboard boxes are also ideal for displaying your products in stores. In this manner, custom printed boxes no minimum can help in the advertising of your items. 

To this end, there is a plethora of creative packaging options available for you to use to entice buyers and boost your bottom line.


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Unique Customization Of Cardboard Packaging


Unique packaging designs, styles, printing processes, and high-end add-ons are all part of what it means to customize a box to meet your specific needs. 

Custom shipping boxes with logos that have been personalized may increase product sales. It's a great way for startups to compete with larger companies in the retail industry. Cardboard packaging with unique features helps set products apart from the competition. 

These considerations are crucial when settling on the best layouts, product sizes, color schemes, templates, and printing methods. Our expert designers are here to help you realize your vision for your custom corrugated packaging. They'll tailor the designs to your specifications so that the finished items look great and sell well in stores.


Get Custom Corrugated Packaging Made To Order 


Our 100% recycled mailing boxes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to accommodate a wide variety of products. 


The following are examples of common cardboard box packing types:


  • Tuck-End Boxes

  • Cardboard Display Boxes

  • Cardboard Gift Boxes

  • Custom Cardboard Boxes With Lids

  • Cardboard Boxes With Dividers

  • Five Panel Wrap Boxes

  • Full Overlap Boxes

  • Archive Boxes

  • Pizza Style Boxes

  • Pillow Boxes

  • Hexagon Boxes


In addition, you may make custom corrugated mailer boxes in bulk for gifts for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Luxury add-ons like eye-catching ribbons and laces can be included in the design of custom paper gift boxes for retail for that extra special touch. Other value-added services for your wholesale custom cardboard boxes include gluing, die cutting, gluing, and perforations. 

With these supplementary options, you can ensure that your consumers are completely satisfied with the packaging of your products. Last but not least, you get to choose the exact cardboard box packaging design that best suits your needs.


Cardboard Boxes With Personalized Printing Available In Bulk


Brands may get attractive and high-quality printed custom corrugated boxes from us. Premium printing is the most effective method for making eye-catching and intriguing cardboard boxes. As a result, we provide both offset and digital printing to our customers. 

Offset printing is more expensive because of the superior ink-spreading roller use in the process. In contrast, digital printing keeps costs down and delivers simple outcomes when producing corrugated cardboard boxes. PMS is more expensive because of the many colors it offers, whereas CMYK is more cost-effective because of its few.

Attractive Add-Ons For Cardboard Boxes


Corrugated boxes wholesale can be more profitable and appealing to customers if they come with appealing add-on possibilities. Gloss lamination and matte lamination are only two of the high-end add-ons available for packaging boxes on our website. Boxes with a glossy covering seem shiny, whereas those with a matte coating look smooth but not as shiny. 

Coatings like this may make your white corrugated boxes more visually appealing and safeguard their contents from damage caused by moisture and dirt. 

In addition, the increased market value that results from using custom printed corrugated boxes allows the company to better compete with its rivals.


Types Of Corrugated Packaging


Each packaging firm offers a wide variety of sizes and forms. Yet, they may need higher quality criteria to meet your needs. As a differentiating feature, we provide a wide range of possibilities for personalization, all of which are of the highest standard. Some examples of the many types available from us are as follows:


  1. Punch Partition


There are certain items that are more vulnerable to harm while in transit than others. When shipping delicate items, punch dividers are your best bet for ensuring they arrive in one piece. The die-cut may serve a variety of purposes, some of which depend on the form of your product. 

Because of technological advancements in printing, all of this is now feasible. First and foremost, we must ensure the security of items throughout the many steps of transport, storage, preparation, and presentation. Safety measures like punch barriers make it simple and stress-free to move and handle even the most delicate and brittle of materials, like glass.


  1. Tuck Flap Boxes


A tuck-top box is closed by a thin flap that tucks into the top of the box, which only has one entrance. The bottom of the box does not open. These corrugated boxes near me are often used to ship perfume, cosmetics, and other products.


  1. Pillow Boxes


There are a lot of uses for pillow cases. They are aesthetically pleasing, one-of-a-kind, durable, and, most importantly, eco-friendly. While most individuals would consider pillow wrapping to be too pricey for their budget, it really works out well for you. 

This led to a rise in demand for cushion packaging at stores and online. Corrugated boxes for sale are useful in more ways than one.


  1. Gable Box


The handle on top of a gable box makes it convenient to transport. It's a convenient one-piece box with a canopy-shaped carry handle. 

These boxes are often used for storing and transporting valuables. This box can shape in several ways within the constraints of its design. 

It's versatile enough to try out different printing techniques, such as foiling and gloss laminating. These black corrugated boxes can be assembled quickly and cost-effectively.


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The Finest Service Is What We Provide


Custom corrugated packaging boxes can be prepared by a number of different producers using a wide variety of tools and methods. Yet, your boxes are prepared using cutting-edge equipment at Packaging Mines. That's why they look the greatest all around. 

Moreover, their attractive qualities might make customers go wild for you. Stop using staples corrugated boxes and start investing in packaging for your high-end items now.


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Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Custom corrugated boxes are prepared to order and can be customized in dimensions, shape, color, and even printing to suit the recipient's needs.

The advantages of using kraft corrugated boxes are many, including product safety, enhanced brand exposure, and increased strength and durability.

Electronics, food, beverages, apparel, and more may all benefit from being packaged in custom corrugated gift boxes.

Your corrugated box's printing can be tailored to include your company's logo, product details, and other branding components.

Digital printing, flexographic printing, and lithographic printing are just a few of the options for printing on white corrugated boxes wholesale.

The maximum load that can safely be carried by a corrugated box is determined by some parameters, including the box's dimensions, its strength, and the product's mass and density.

There is no need to throw away your corrugated packaging boxes since they can be recycled and used again and again.

The expertise, reputation, customer service, and price of a manufacturer are all important considerations when ordering wholesale corrugated boxes with printing.

Specifying the size, shape, printing, and number of boxes you need when placing an order for corrugated boxes is standard practice. The manufacturer will then provide you with a price and delivery estimate.

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