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We have wide range of packaging boxes and solutions that make sense for businesses of any kind. Whether you’re designing custom retail packaging with your logo or need corrugated cardboard mailers for your ecommerce biz, there’s lots of inspiration to be found for your custom product packaging.

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Custom Packaging and Printing Service in USA

Packaging Mines is a professional Custom Packaging Boxes company in USA that is dedicated to providing our valued customers with the best Custom Boxes and printing services. We offer a variety of wholesale custom boxes for a wide range of products as per your requirements. In order to achieve this, we offer eco friendly packaging boxes with logo so that your product look different from other. In addition to creating wholesale packaging boxes , we label them to ensure branding. By using our designs, businesses can package and market their products worldwide.

What Makes Our Custom Printed Packaging Boxes Special?

We provide you with the best boxes for product packaging. We offer one of the best services for printing Custom Boxes. Packaging Mines is a USA based packaging company, delivering custom printed packaging boxes wholesale at our clients’ doorsteps. We intend to enable them to meet the requirements of their industries and make them our long-term business partners. 

We Produce High Quality Custom Packaging  Boxes

Our quality services make branding and advertising through custom packaging boxes for small businesses. Our Custom Boxes will prove better for branding than the salesperson you hire. They are great for worldwide shipping. 

Get Ideal Custom Packaging Boxes With Brand Logo

Start-ups often need stylish packaging boxes with brand logo for your product need. They can get better responses to make better sales with our custom-designed boxes. Within a short time, with our custom boxes, your brand gets the right attention. 

Buy Custom Made Packaging Boxes At Wholesale Rate

If you are looking for wholesale custom packaging boxes in USA then no need to be worried because Packaging Mines offers high-end online printing options as well. Our experts will help you design the best logos, plan the artwork, and design your boxes. Our team’s hands-on approach helps you get instant assistance to figure out what design and size specifications will be best for your product and business. Get a free quote NOW.

Get 100% Customized Boxes For Your Product

You can fully customize the box according to your specific size and style. If you do not have a clear concept of the design in mind, there is no need to worry. Our experts will help you!  We will show you some of our amazing samples, so you can select the best one for your product or use our ideas to innovate and build something even better. Custom printing makes your brand unique and ensures better retail.

Most Trusted Packaging Box Company in USA

At packagingmines.com, you will find experienced professionals, dedicated to providing exclusive Custom Made Packaging Boxes. We never compromise on the quality of the packaging boxes we produce. We conduct a quality check to make sure the color schemes are according to the order received. We have customers who place custom boxes orders in large quantities; hence, we handle bulk orders with extreme precision and quality checks. 

We use biodegradable packaging materials that are easy to recycle. This helps us ensure that our users are safe and that we conserve the natural resources of our environment. Using biodegradable materials, finest materials, and advanced technology that helps us prevent harming the environment. This is why our customers always choose us to get the best boxes. This has helped us make a good reputation as providers of the right quality of custom boxes.

Our specialty is printing with CMYK + PMS colors, which makes us stand out from the other companies in this industry. Our responsibility is to provide the best quality and we work hard to ensure this. Our use of the best technologies and experienced staff help us achieve this. 

Get Custom Packaging Boxes For Small Business

We produce stylish custom printed packaging boxes in USA that meet your specifications for your upcoming business venture. All the materials we use in the manufacturing of packaging boxes for small businesses are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. They allow easy assembling and do not sustain damage to the printing and design very easily.

Materials Used While Manufacturing Of Custom Boxes for Packaging

We use unlimited embellishment options to make your packaging stand out from the crowd in this cutthroat competitive world. We use state-of-the-art 4-color digital and offset printing, thematic color schemes, clear and catchy fonts, the finest eco-friendly ink, and alluring unique design ideas. We also use a variety of finishing options, which include matte, glossy, spot UV, aqueous coating, debossing, embossing, and foil stamping to make your custom packaging look very eye-catchy and appealing for everyone. 

Here are our most popular Custom Boxes Products!

1. Beauty and Cosmetics Packaging: 

We design beauty and cosmetic product boxes keeping the security and safety of the items in mind. We ensure that the boxes protect the composition of the beauty products from physical elements. Our highly appealing boxes allow your beauty and cosmetics packaging to stand out from others. We help you create your brand identity using the best packaging materials and designs. 

2. Custom Gift Packaging: 

Using custom gift packaging is a great way of elevating your brand image. If you are a startup and need packaging boxes with custom printed logo, then you must consider the importance of brand representation. The more people notice and know about your brand, the more they will buy your products.

3. Lifestyle Products Packaging: 

At Packaging Mines, we use contemporary designs and the latest printing techniques so that you get the best. You can test the durability, compliance, performance, and feasibility of our Custom Product Boxes before ordering custom printed packaging boxes for business startup. 

4. Food and Beverages Packaging: 

When it comes to food and beverage packaging, it is a unique category. While focusing on marketing the products, you need to ensure that the customized food boxes preserve the food item within. At Packaging Mines, we offer unique services and use special materials that help preserve the food items. 

5. Retail Packaging: 

Retail packaging requires perfection so that your packaging stands out. We provide expert opinions and suggestions to ensure the best retail packaging for your business. We use contemporary services and designing techniques, Avant-grade printing, and more to ensure this. 

Why Choose Packaging Mines As Best Packaging Box Supplier?

The appearance of the product is very important for any product-based business. It is the first thing noticed by potential customers. Therefore, it must be attractive and of the best quality. The better the quality of the printing and materials used in making the custom packaging boxes, the more customers will notice your commitment to offering the best in terms of quality. Below are reasons why people choose Packaging Mines over other printing companies.

  • Professional Expertise and Advice – We give you the best custom packaging recommendation for your products
  • Work with Professionals – Our team has only the best and most experienced professionals in this field. We apply our experience to create the best packaging solutions. 
  • Customized High-Quality Printing – At Packaging Mines, you can be sure to get only high-quality results because we use the latest printing machines and best ink.
  • Perfect Custom Size and Design – We design the packages and size them according to your product.
  • Begin with 100 Boxes – If you want to try our packaging services, then place your first order with a minimum of 100 boxes. This helps our potential clients see how impressive our customized boxes turn out to be.
  • Global shipment – We sever clients worldwide. You can place your order and we will deliver it to your address no matter where you are. 
  • Custom Printed Packaging Boxes with Logo – We help you design and format the logo using the best quality ink to make sure it stands out and looks appealing.

Materials We Use in Our Custom Made Packaging Boxes:

1. Kraft Packaging:

Kraft packaging is one of our fastest-growing and popular custom packaging products. Its popularity is because of its all-around features. It offers durability and protection for the products you want to package in it. It is biodegradable, durable, and lightweight. 

2. Corrugated Packaging

This type of packaging helps preserve the products inside. Our professional experts advise using corrugated packaging for a business that needs packaging boxes for shipping and transportation containers. We design them to withstand long journeys safely.

3. Cardboard Packaging

This is one of the most-used packaging options. It provides preservation, protection, and impressive branding through appealing design and printing. At Packaging Mines, we provide a variety of  cardboard packaging boxes that you can use for your business. 

Order Custom Printed Packaging Boxes for Your Products

Most businesses worldwide use printed boxes for shipping, storing, and distributing all kinds of products. The products range from delicate decorative items to heavy machinery. We produce custom printed packaging boxes with brand logo that are suitable for any kind of product. All you need to do is let us know what your product is and what you need.

Over the past decade, we have acquired a lot of experience in providing premium quality custom packaging, at amazingly affordable prices. This has made us a preferred choice for most of the leading businesses across the United States. We are thankful to the numerous valued customers we have served and that trust our company to meet their packaging needs and help them accomplish greatness. 

Increase Your Product Sales With Custom Packaging Boxes

We aim to increase your product sales. Upon contacting us and sharing your ideas, we will advise you with better suggestions to help you develop the most appealing and durable custom packaging boxes in USA as per your product need. Below are some of our unique and impressive design ideas for custom boxes we deal with. These can serve as a source of inspiration for you.

1. Beard Oil Packaging Boxes

If you own a beard oil product, you must know that you need a packaging box that supports your brand identity. At Packaging Mines, our professionals ensure this in the boxes we design. We ensure your custom beard oil boxes have a chic and spacious design, fits your product. We use standard materials so you do not have to worry about the breakage of fragile containers.

2. Beauty Kit Packaging Boxes

Beauty kit boxes must look attractive and perfect to impress the target customers. The design of the packaging boxes plays a huge role in cosmetic branding and promotion. Therefore, our experts design the boxes carefully to increase your brand presence in the market. We provide exceptional services and high-quality stylish boxes that women would love and want instantly.

3. Skincare Printed Packaging Boxes

There is huge competition in the skincare products industry. Therefore, it is important to have boxes that help your brand stand out. We create eye-catching skincare boxes that beat your competition. We also design the boxes to ensure their safety and prevent them from sustaining damage during shipment. We use the best quality materials to make the boxes durable. 

4. Custom Drawer Boxes

Drawer boxes open in a fun way and look very elegant. They usually are memorable and impressive in design. If you would like to use Custom drawer boxes then we can design them to make them look very attractive. We make them fit for the dimensions of your item, and study as well. 

5. Custom Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes that we design at Packaging Mines have unique and modern printing. We understand the importance of making the custom boxes durable for sending products without any risks. Therefore, we guarantee that you will get the perfect box that you can ship. They are ideal for e-commerce products. 

6. Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

If you need are a pillow manufacturing business looking for custom printed pillow boxes or custom packaging for small businesses, then we can make pillow boxes that attract customers. You can package them as gift products and they would look awesome. These boxes increase their appeal and curiosity about what is inside.

7. Customized Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn boxes do not have to be ordinary. The more attractive they are the more customers you will get. Why not take a step forward and get custom popcorn boxes made by our experts. We will make Custom popcorn boxes that make your popcorn more appealing and delicious looking. We can customize their size and design according to your specifications. 

“Discover insightful packaging industry quotes that capture the essence of innovation and sustainability.”

We Provide Wholesale Custom Packaging Boxes for Small Business

We have number of clients belonging form large-scale established companies and small businesses. They are businesses that deal in beauty & cosmetic products, consumer product manufacturers, lifestyle-related product dealers, gift sellers, CBD and retail industries, food and beverage companies, and others. 

At Packaging Mines, we guarantee that you’ll find a wide range of eco-friendly custom packaging boxes wholesale in lowest price. For more information or assistance, contact us at +1 (408) 915 5590. We have an exceptionally quick turnaround time, free shipping, and 24/7 customer support to facilitate our customers to complete their ordering process without hassles. 

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Frequently Asked Question & Answers

When designing custom packaging boxes, it’s important to consider factors such as the product’s size, shape, and fragility, as well as the target audience and brand identity. Additionally, factors like material selection, sustainability, and cost should be taken into account.
To create packaging designs that effectively represent your brand, focus on incorporating your brand’s colors, logo, and visual elements into the design. Consistency with your brand’s messaging and values is key to establishing a strong brand identity through packaging.
The latest trends in custom packaging box designs include minimalist designs, eco-friendly materials, personalized and customized packaging, interactive elements, and bold typography. Staying updated with industry trends can help your packaging stand out and appeal to customers.
Colors play a crucial role in packaging design for custom boxes as they evoke emotions and communicate messages. It’s important to choose colors that align with your brand identity and target audience. Consider color psychology and how different colors can impact customer perceptions.
Innovative packaging design ideas for custom boxes could include unique structural designs, interactive packaging elements, incorporating technology such as QR codes or augmented reality, or utilizing sustainable and eco-friendly materials.
To ensure your custom packaging design aligns with your target audience’s preferences, conduct market research and gather feedback from your customers. Understand their demographics, interests, and preferences to tailor your design accordingly.
Common mistakes to avoid in custom packaging box design include overcrowding the design, neglecting to prioritize functional aspects, using poor-quality materials, and failing to communicate the product’s key features and benefits effectively.
To make your custom packaging boxes stand out on store shelves, focus on creating eye-catching designs, utilizing unique shapes or patterns, and incorporating distinctive branding elements. Consider the overall aesthetics and visual impact of your packaging.


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