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Samples & Prototyping

Ensure enhanced packaging outcomes with tools designed to assist you in conceptualizing and refining your packaging. Our range of samples and prototyping options caters to diverse requirements, providing broad solutions for all your packaging needs.

Diverse And Inclusive Samples And Prototypes For All

Embark on your packaging journey with confidence, along with our expertly created samples and prototypes. We understand the intricacies of packaging, recognizing that visualizing your final box is pivotal for its overall impact. Our customized solutions empower you at every stage, ensuring well-informed decisions and guaranteed results. Trust us to illuminate your path in the packaging process.


Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is premium-grade paperboard that comes in brilliant white color.


Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is premium-grade paperboard that comes in brilliant white color.


Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is premium-grade paperboard that comes in brilliant white color.


Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is premium-grade paperboard that comes in brilliant white color.


Full Sample & Prototype Package

Order a full production with us and we will waive your sample & prototyping costs as well as receive our dedicated 360° packaging service which removes any packaging difficulties you may have so you can focus on what really matters.*

Creating Flawless Packaging Every Time

Our unwavering dedication to glamorous packaging transcends mere samples and prototypes. With meticulous attention, we protect your mass production orders, preventing errors or delays for a flawless outcome, every time.

Plain Sample Option

Consider our plain sample, a versatile choice commonly employed for testing box structures, sizing, and material evaluation. This option is particularly ideal for small-run projects, allowing you to assess and fine-tune with ease.

Digital Sample

Step into the realm of possibilities with our digitally printed and cut samples. Customized for testing printed artwork and layout, these samples are the perfect companion for small to medium-run projects. Upgrade your creative journey and witness your ideas come to life effortlessly.

Production Samples

Engage yourself in the quality of our production samples, skillfully printed to portray your vision. These samples are vital for final evaluation before mass production, making them an excellent choice for medium to large-run projects.

Interactive 3D Samples

Dive into the world of interactive 3D samples – dynamic renders designed for marketing, simulations, and rigorous artwork/layout testing. Tailored for the unique demands of small-run projects, these samples provide an ideal platform to explore and refine your vision.

Innovative Material Solutions For Smart Packaging

Customizing materials to the unique needs of your product is our expertise. At Packaging Mines, we go beyond standard offerings, providing a range of materials strategically selected to preemptively address challenges in your shipping and handling processes. Collaborating closely with brands, we offer expert recommendations for materials that meet specific requirements such as food safety, medical standards, impact resistance, weight testing, and more. Maximize your packaging approach with solutions designed to enhance functionality and reliability.

Ensuring Packaging Precision: Structure And Size Validation

The significance of structure and sizing in product packaging cannot be overstated, as it profoundly impacts the overall results and the snug fit of your products. At PackagingMines, our team of structural experts is dedicated to guiding you through the selection of optimal structures. Beyond that, we make sure that every product fits flawlessly within the designated box or insert before advancing further.

Precise Artwork Assurance: Rigorous Proofing And Color Matching

In the realm of intricate designs, overlooking mistakes in artwork and color is a common pitfall. At Packaging Mines, we’ve set rigorous proofing in our process to minimize the risk of mistakes during bulk production. Paired with our prototyping services, we guarantee that your designs undergo a thorough evaluation, ensuring brilliant packaging in every mass order.

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