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Vape Packaging

In addition to safeguarding your cartridges and vape pens during transit, our premium vape packaging boxes are made to present your company in the best possible way. Our premium custom boxes, which come in a variety of colors and designs, are ideal for firms who want to stand out. Packagingmines makes sure your brand always appears its best when it comes to appearance!


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For Your Brand, Order Personalised Vape Cartridge Boxes

Your company’s branding on custom vape cartridge boxes is a fantastic method to build brand recognition and leave a lasting impact on customers. Plain boxes don’t enhance the value of your brand while keeping your cartridges secure. Our custom boxes safeguard your product during handling and transportation in addition to giving it a beautiful appearance.

Custom Vape Boxes Provide Safe Commuting

Our personalized vape boxes make sure that vape products travel safely while being shipped from a factory to a retail location. Without fear of harm, launch your vape items into new markets. We offer sturdy vape packaging boxes with cutting-edge patterns and brilliant colours to assist our customers. Our expertly crafted bespoke vape boxes will help establish your product as a brand in addition to drawing buyers’ attention.

The most common and important products packaging in the vape industry are.

  1. Eliquid Packaging
  2. Vape Packaging
  3. Vape Catridge Packaging
  4. Cigarette Packaging

Cost-effective and Long-Lasting

Our expertly made bespoke vape boxes are not only strong and long-lasting but also affordable. Yes, we make the boxes for vape packaging using cardboard and Kraft material. Both of these materials are cost-effective and safe for the environment.

Countless Styles and Sizes

We promise that no other business will offer Vape Packaging Boxes at wholesale prices but packaging mines. We use tuck-end boxes, rigid boxes, window boxes, die-cut, and a variety of other styles to create custom cartridge packing. After working with us, you’ll understand that we offer countless numbers of custom vape box styles and sizes. Concerning the packaging of your vape items, you don’t need to worry. On our website, we also provide all-size vape packaging boxes.

Custom Eliquid Boxes

Custom E-liquid boxes are specialized packaging containers created to safely and elegantly hold and display Eliquid bottles. Custom E-liquid boxes are available from Packagingmines, and they may be made to meet your specific company’s requirements. Our E-liquid boxes are manufactured from premium materials that give the e-liquid bottles durability and protection.

Custom Vape Display Boxes

Businesses may gain a lot from using custom vape display boxes, including bettering and modernizing the perception of their brand in the marketplace and raising and maintaining brand awareness and familiarity. Utilise custom vape display boxes if your vape firm is struggling to remain competitive

Custom CBD Vape Boxes

Do you want to convince customers to buy your products at trade shows, urge them to buy your smoking accessories on the shelves of a shop or a retail establishment, or raise the price of your CBD vape products during promotional campaigns? If so, then our personalized vape boxes are the perfect choice. Create your vape boxes with packaging mines today to show off your creativity!

Why Choose Us :

Packagingmines makes it easy for businesses to design and order custom boxes and affordable custom vape cartridge boxes packaging with branding online. Get high-quality custom vape cartridge packaging boxes, wholesale vape cartridge boxes, and more for any needs you may have. We are a top wholesale box manufacturer for a reasonquick turnaround and affordable minimums.

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Frequently Asked Question & Answers

  • The ideal material for custom vape packaging boxes is often cardboard because it is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and can be personalized with different colours, designs, and finishes. But depending on the needs of the product, different materials, including plastic, metal, and corrugated paper, may also be employed.

  • Yes, bespoke vape packaging boxes may be created in a variety of sizes and forms to suit the unique requirements of the product. The client and the packaging manufacturer can work together to select the perfect size and shape for the package to ensure that the product fits securely and has a nice appearance.

  • In order to exhibit the goods inside, windows made of clear plastic or other materials can be incorporated into custom vape packaging boxes. This may assist in drawing clients and boosting sales.

  • If built with sturdy materials like cardboard or plastic, custom vape packaging boxes can be reused. Customers may receive more value as a result, and waste may be decreased.

  • Yes, unique vape packaging boxes can be created to coordinate with particular branding standards, including color palettes, logos, and typefaces. All marketing and packaging materials can assist in establishing a consistent and recognizable brand image.


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