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10 Main Functions Of Packaging

We all know that first impression matters but it matters a lot when you are selling something. Customers check your product on the basis of its packaging. It doesn’t matter what you are selling and what business you are in. You can’t deny the role and functions of packaging as a retailer. Product packaging is all about perceiving and how customers view your product.

Boxing and packaging are the first things consumers pay attention to. So, you must also pay attention to it. You should take advantage of the basic purposes that packaging offers to a business.

10 Main Functions of Packaging that You Should Know

We have divided the functions of packaging in marketing into 3 categories. These are

  • Primary functions of Packaging
  • Secondary functions of Packaging
  • Tertiary functions of Packaging

Let’s see what these primary, secondary, and tertiary functions are. What they offer and how you can take advantage of (from) them.

A. Primary functions of Packaging

As the name suggests, these are the basic functions that packaging must fulfill. Though these may seem ordinary, these can greatly affect () product quality.

1. Protection

Protection is the reason why retailers start using packaging. It must shield the goods against elements that may compromise product quality. Such as temperature fluctuations, breakage, dust, and other factors.

The protection function of packaging depends on what products you are shipping. Do you need protection against weather extremities and other environmental factors? Or you want to avoid human errors?

The concept of protection varies with the products. Decide whether your products need inward packaging measures or require outward protection. For example, lotion boxes require outward whereas cookie boxes need outward (inwards) protection. While cigarette boxes require both inward and outward protection.

2. Storage

One of the primary purposes of packaging is storage. Both packaging containers and packaging materials are used to store multiple products. Packaging must have the ability to store different content for the required time (period).

3. Product Density

Product density is an essential purpose of packaging. This implies that you should select a packaging (is) inaccurate shape, size, and design. It means that you should pack the product in a limited space. You must pack it in the best possible manner. In this way, your packaging will remain concise but (and) will (also) look beautiful.

4. Loading and Transport

Loading and transport (transportation) are the first issues that (main) concern (for) a retailer. Shipping has become almost manual but still, your products may receive (might gets) damages. A simple way to avoid these issues is to use suitable packaging. You need a packaging that is (in) low mass and can be picked up easily.

Packaging impacts the handling, transportation, and storage of your products. Your product boxes must be easy to hold, stow, move, lifted, and set down.

Design a packaging that is compatible with cargo transportation. Tailor your packaging according to standard dimensions. If possible, hire a professional box designing company.

B. Secondary Functions of Packaging

Secondary functions are mostly associated with customer satisfaction. These functions can boost your revenue and earn you a better space (spot) in the market.

5. Product Identification

Packaging serves as a unique identification of your brand. Its design, shape, specific size, and colors all make your product special. These are the elements that make your product special amongst others. The colors, design, and material you choose become your brand identification. Customers can easily recognize your brand from its packaging.

6. Promotion and Sales

Marketing has become (packaging is) one of the basic purposes of packaging (marketing) now. All the brands and big companies try to lure customers through packaging. They are using impressive designs, glittery colors, and dazzling logos.

A box that looks impressive on the shelves can sell itself and has the ability to increase sales. Promotional content attracts customers and leaves a positive impact. Thus, packaging addresses the customers directly and encourages them to buy your product.

7. Information

We now know that packaging secures the products and makes them appealing to customers. But you can also use it to educate your customers about the product. You can display infographics or write detailed information on the boxes. Brands can provide necessary product details on the packaging.

Such as information like ingredients, nutrition, warnings, storage instructions, and directions for (of) use.

In this manner, packaging can assist the customers to make an informed decision (on what to buy according to their needs). They can know whether a product is good for them (what the product consists of). Providing information becomes (is) necessary for medicine boxes and e-liquid boxes.

8. Convenience

Another major function of packaging is convenience in handling. Your packaging design must make stocking, carriage, and consumption easy for the customers. For instance, bottle boxes must be easy to carry whereas display boxes should be easy to hang.

9. The Legislative Function

Packaging serves as a guarantee for product liability and consumer protection. As a manufacturer, you must assure that the right details are written on the box. The information written on the packaging has to be accurate and correct for (according to) the product.

Some industries need retailers to provide detailed information about the products. Whereas sometimes this information is of legislative nature. Don’t forget to provide essential information on the boxes.

Such details include storage life, quantity, weight, composition, and nature of the product.

For instance, skincare boxes must carry information about the ingredients. You must mention if your product may cause certain allergies to some customers.

C. Tertiary Functions of Packaging

Tertiary functions don’t benefit a retailer, unlike primary or secondary packaging functions. But these can help you spread (serves) a positive image of your brand.

10.  Recycling

Making your packaging recyclable comes with many privileges. You can portray your company as a responsible brand that cares about the environment. Eco-friendly packaging can also bring you customers who care about climate change. Plus, you may also get the advantage of certain government policies. Governments are now facilitating the brands that follow eco-friendly practices.


Product packaging is important there is no doubt about that. But you must reap the benefits that it can offer to your business. Rather than using a simple box, try to make it look purposeful and decisive. You should use packaging to protect the products and market them. By using mesmerizing design with alluring colors, you can take over your competitors.

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Joshua Patrick

With over 10 years of experience in industrial packaging and a passion for graphic design, Joshua has become a leader in the field. Joshua uses expertise to create innovative packaging for all kinds of custom boxes that not only meet clients’ needs but also stand out on store shelves. Joshua’s attention to detail and commitment to quality has earned them a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy professional.


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